If you’re a property owner who has tried to manage your investment on your own, you’re no doubt already aware of the fact that the one thing you always need more of is time. It seems like just when you’ve found the perfect tenant to live in your property, troubles crop up that keep moving your home farther and farther away from the passive investment that you were after in the first place.

shakeAt Nick Haworth & Son Property Management, we pride ourselves on taking many of the normal responsibilities and hassles of property management off of your plate so that you can do what you do best – live your life. Our team is incredibly time responsive – we stay on top of everything because we understand that every decision is one that has the potential to affect your investment.

We’ll help with your initial marketing campaign. We’ll help with tenant selection and placement. We’ll help with maintenance and ongoing daily management. Our goal is to allow you to enjoy all of the benefits that normally come with property management and none of the downsides and it’s a goal that we will continue to strive for on a daily basis.